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Ahora que estuviste lejos
ya probe la libertad
y me gusto
y ahora bien cuando regreses
quiero hablar tranquilamente
sobre el tema del adios

Rosemary Garcia’s lilting soprano fills the quiet room with a ballad of romantic liberation by the late Jenni Rivera. A singer all her life, the 28-year-old Adult Development Center student credits EL ARCA for encouraging her to sing in public.

Rosemary sings for visiting high school tour groups or simply for her friends in the program. “I sing to make people feel good,” she explains.

Attending classes at EL ARCA has brought Rosemary joy beyond just her singing.“The best part that I like is to be here because I have friends,” she says.

- Rosemary Garcia
Participant, ADC

Did You Know?


EL ARCA’s oldest participant is

83 years old

and the

youngest is 21


The students make your day. You may have problems at home, and then you come to EL ARCA, and they make you forget your troubles. They make you laugh. Listening to their conversations, seeing their actions – it’s a joy to be around them. Continue reading

- Liz Ramirez
Staff, ADC