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Bubbly, vivacious, and described by EL ARCA staff members as “the life of the party,” Darlene Chavez says that since joining the Adult Day Support Center in December, she finally feels like she’s found her “happy” place.

Darlene plays basketball and baseball and takes field trips to shop, bowl and see movies. She likes to dance, especially to Jessica Jay’s Chichiquita. She even started taking sign language classes. “I love it here!” she exclaims.

But Darlene also wants to make sure she’s giving back as much as she gets from EL ARCA. The 23-year-old fundraises for student programs by selling chocolate bars to family and friends. “That’s my goal. To sell chocolates,” she says, with a grin. “Share the love!”

- Darlene Chavez
Participant, ADSC

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The students make your day. You may have problems at home, and then you come to EL ARCA, and they make you forget your troubles. They make you laugh. Listening to their conversations, seeing their actions – it’s a joy to be around them. Continue reading

- Liz Ramirez
Staff, ADC