Serving the Developmentally Disabled since 1965

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Transportation Department

In addition to our training programs, EL ARCA’s Transportation Department is an essential part of what we do, and is a service counted upon by our community.

The fleet consists of specialized vehicles staffed by trained drivers. All of EL ARCA’s vehicles are specialized for wheelchair access with special lifts. Each vehicle can safely transport up to 5 wheelchair bound passengers, or 12 non-wheelchair passengers.

Our drivers:

  • are certified by the Department of Transportation to assist those with developmental disabilities in a sensitive, caring manner
  • are required to pass a rigorous background check
  • must maintain a clean driving record
  • are subject to random drug and alcohol testing.

The Transportation Department travels throughout Los Angeles County, providing not only round trip travel for persons with mobility concerns, but also takes clients on community excursions. These excursions serve the purpose of enhancing clients’ knowledge of their surrounding community and exposing them to the cultural arts, shopping and socialization that all people need.

Over 95% of EL ARCA’s participants use this service, meaning many wouldn’t be able to attend EL ARCA’s many programs without it.

Did You Know?

TV personality, Mario Lopez chose EL ARCA as his charity of choice and generously gave a

$10,000 grant

to the organization.


It helps me more than other programs because I used to go to another program, and we used to do sewing and stuff, and I got bored, and my mom said, it’s time for you to go! So I think EL ARCA helps me in so many ways. Continue reading

- Nancy Martinez
Participant, ADSC