Serving the Developmentally Disabled since 1965

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In order to become an EL ARCA program participant, a parent or guardian must first contact
 their closest regional center (based on home address).

The Department of Developmental services is a state agency that oversees 
services for persons with developmental disabilities.

State of California Department Developmental Services

San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center

Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center

South Central Los Angeles Regional Center

Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center

Westside Regional Center

The regional 
center must refer them to our program. The regional centers fund
 their participation, the regional center must be involved with the admissions 
process. EL ARCA would then receive an authorization to provide services 
from the specific regional center.

Did You Know?

The prevalence of autism has

increased by 289%

in the last 12 years*



Just because they are born with a disability, doesn’t mean they aren’t able to learn. Continue reading

- Stephanie Andrade
Activity Coordinator, CBAS