Serving the Developmentally Disabled since 1965

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After Hours Contact

During working hours you may contact the campuses at the following:
Los Angeles Campus: 323-223-3079
Bell Campus: 323-895-7896

After Hours EMERGENCY Contact information:

Los Angeles Campus:
323-718-7676 or 562-254-9284

BELL Campus:
323-776-7336 or 323-718-7676

323-776-7326 or 323-228-8414

*****All Medical Emergencies should be directed to 911*****

Did You Know?

The prevalence of autism has

increased by 289%

in the last 12 years*



Just because they are born with a disability, doesn’t mean they aren’t able to learn. Continue reading

- Stephanie Andrade
Activity Coordinator, CBAS