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Meet the EL ARCA Team

EL ARCA would not be what it is today without caring, remarkable staff members who strive to empower our community. Our nurses, educators, caretakers and drivers are committed to those with developmental disabilities, and we’re just as committed to our staff members.


John Menchaca

 President and CEO of EL ARCA

 John M. Menchaca has been the President/CEO of EL ARCA since 2008 and oversees over 60 employees and 4 service programs. He has dedicated over 20 years of his professional life to helping persons with developmental disabilities. Mr. Menchaca grew up in Lincoln Heights and attended East Los Angeles Community College. He has a B.A. from Cal State Los Angeles and completed a Master in Public Administration from La Verne University.

Mr. Menchaca’ s tenure at EL ARCA started as an instructor in the classrooms. He was then promoted to program director of the Adult Day Programs. Within a few years, when the Vice-Presidency position was created, EL ARCA management knew that John Menchaca had the will and dedication to take on that position. Mr. Menchaca believes in empowering the employees and seeks feedback as well as ideas.

Karina A. Andrade

Vice President of Programs 

Ms. Andrade completed her Master’s Degree in Public Administration in 2015, with an emphasis in Non-Profit Management. She worked in the manufacturing industry for 10 years prior to entering the non-profit sector and joining EL ARCA as our Human Resources Manager. Ms. Andrade values treating others the way that she would want to be treated, and believes that every person deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. She is dedicated to helping our students reach their potential.

Miriam Alarcon

Human Resources & Safety Manager

Mrs. Alarcon started her career at EL ARCA more than 10 years ago as a CNA in our ADSC program. She left EL ARCA for a period of time to continue her education in Business Administration. Miriam has recently returned to EL ARCA with a tremendous amount of training and experience in accounting and management. Miriam encourages those who have not been to EL ARCA to join us for a tour, allowing you to take a look at the different programs and activities we offer on a daily basis. “You will feel the greatness and happiness, which is contagious, leaving you with more than wanting to return. Their lives are so unique, it’s amazing.”

Melissa Carrillo

Accounting and Payroll Representative

Ms. Carrillo has an Associate’s Degree from the El Paso Community College. She has experience working in program management as well as administration. Ms. Carrillo is currently working on a Bachelor’s Degree with an emphasis in Communications.

Managing Program Staff

Francine Arguello

Program Director, ADP Program

Ms. Arguello recently completed the Master of Science in Leadership and Management Program at the University of La Verne, with a concentration in Organizational Development. She has 28 years of experience in the field of education. At EL ARCA, she serves as the program director. Ms. Arguello’s personal philosophy for improving quality of life is simple: “Smile, enjoy life!

Jenny Fletes

Social Worker, Community-Based Adult Services 

Ms. Fletes graduated from CSULA in 2006 with a BA in social work. At EL ARCA, she maintains all PTP information, coordinating with care providers to keep up-to-date information flowing both ways. Her experience managing PTP protocols goes back to when she worked at independent living homes, helping patients to live their lives and become more independent in their communities. Ms. Fletes is dedicated to helping individuals and their family members access all the benefits and services that are available to them and not let possible language barriers prevent them from getting all the help and benefits they not only need, but rightly deserve.

Olga Martinez

Director of Transportation

Mrs. Martinez has worked with EL ARCA for 21 wonderful years. After graduating high school, she volunteered at EL ARCA as a program aid for about eight months in the classroom before getting hired full-time. She served as the Folklorico Instructor and would take participants out into their community to perform for audiences including Gloria Molina, L.A.’s Chief of Police, the Mayor, and quite a few council members. Ms. Martinez attained a Class B driver’s license and started helping out as a back-up driver when needed. She also led EL ARCA’s community outings for 16 years and was the A.D.S.C Supervisor for one year, supervising staff, attending to consumer needs and ensuring communication with parents and service coordinators at the regional center, all while documenting goals, progress, and important paperwork. Her current responsibilities include supervising the drivers on their routes and handling any situation that deals with transportation, including partnering with the C.H.P and Cal-Trans to keep all EL ARCA vehicles up to code. Ms. Martinez believes that you should treat people how you want to be treated, and that it’s okay to make mistakes — as long as you learn from them to improve yourself and those around you!

Angela Rivera

Transportation Supervisor

Ms. Rivera began her career at EL ARCA more than six years ago. During that time she has assisted the Transportation Direction with many duties and is now the Transportation Supervisor. Ms. Rivera is responsible for daily vehicle inspections and maintenance, verifying and ensuring documentation is accurate and complete and most importantly, scheduling routes to ensure that all of our clients are picked up or dropped off at the appropriate time.

Angela stresses the importance of being a driver at EL ARCA, knowing that the parents have entrusted us with the safety their child. Not only do we assure that their children are safe, but we also give them the satisfaction of knowing that their child is being treated with love, respect and care.

Angela has learned to be patient, but more importantly, to be more compassionate with everyone. Angela believes that “our attitude is a reflection of our workplace.” She loves working at EL ARCA.

Luis Ramirez

Lead Social Worker, Adult Day Health Care Center

Mr. Ramirez has been working with individuals with disabilities for 25 years in multiple settings. He and his wife have been married for 17 years and have two children with disabilities. Mr. Ramirez received his undergraduate and graduate degree (MSW) from Cal State Los Angeles. He has 6 years’ experience working in the Mental Health field with seniors and severely emotionally disturbed individuals. At EL ARCA, Mr. Ramirez believes in teaching self-reliance, resiliency, compassion and empathy to all.

Martha Tiscareno

Staff Nurse, Community Based Adult Service 

Ms. Tiscareno earned her Associate’s Degree in Nursing from Rio Hondo College. Prior to joining EL ARCA as a registered nurse, she worked as a CNA and in convalescent assistance. At EL ARCA she helps maintain participants’ health, monitors for safety, assists them with their daily living skills and teaches them how to live healthfully and independently. Her personal philosophy for improving quality of life is to always seek information to better prepare for a better tomorrow.


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Did You Know?

The prevalence of autism has

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Every person is different, and you get to know them. You get to know them by gestures or pointing or crying, even when they can’t express themselves. You treat them like they are one of your family members. You get very attached to them. Continue reading

- Ligia Martinez
Physical therapy assistant, CBAS