Serving the Developmentally Disabled since 1965

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 Meet the EL ARCA Board!

We’re proud to be associated with a diverse group of community leaders who have provided their time and expertise to help EL ARCA grow and thrive.

Executive Positions:

Mr. Ed Villegas – Chairman
Ms. Charlotte Henderson – Vice Chair
Ms. Andrea Perez – Secretary
Ms. Laurence Ramirez
– Treasurer

On our Board:

Mr. Remberto Gonzalez
Retired, Parent of EL ARCA student

Mr. Raul Gonzalez
Retired Parent of EL ARCA student

George Pantazis
Self-employed Businessman at Dino’s Burgers, Inc.

Mr. Pantazis has been a Board member since 2012, after discovering EL ARCA through their outreach and donation drives. He decided to get involved to help people that need assistance or can’t help themselves, in order to give them a better existence.

Raul is a student at EL ARCA

Raymond Gibson
Retired Principal of The Dorothy Brown School, a special education school

While a member of a Catholic high school Advisory Board in 1999, Mr. Gibson met John Gutierrez, president of the parent advisory board of Bishop Montgomery High School and then-Chairman of the EL ARCA Board of Directors. Mr. Gutierrez invited Mr. Gibson to take a tour of EL ARCA. Being very impressed by what he saw that day, he knew that he had to get involved, eventually succeeding John as president on both boards.

Andrea Perez
Retired from Bank of America

A Board Member since 2012, Ms. Perez discovered EL ARCA through her son, Steven, who now attends EL ARCA, when he attended Perez Special Education High School. She decided to join the Board in order to try to give back to EL ARCA after everything they have given to help Steven.

Laurencia Ramirez
Community Representative for LAUSD

Ms. Ramirez has been a Board Member since 2007. Her son attended Perez Special Education High School, where she first found out about EL ARCA. She too decided to join the Board in order to make a difference.

Charlotte Henderson
Parent Center Director for LAUSD

After serving on our Parent Leaderships Council for some time, Ms. Henderson was nominated to join the Board of Directors.  She joined the EL ARCA board in 2014 and brings a unique perspective.  Mercedes, Ms. Henderson’s daughter attends EL ARCA and thrives with our programs.  Ms. Henderson coordinates special education classes and workshops for LAUSD.

Milad Hanna
Self -Employed Businessman at Sinclair Gas

Mr. Milad Hanna joined the Board in 2014.  Although new to the EL ARCA board, Mr. Hanna is a longtime friend and supporter of EL ARCA.  He joined the Board of Directors to help further the Mission of EL ARCA, which is to enhance the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities.  .

Ed Villegas
Self -Employed Businessman and Artist Manager

Mr. Ed Villegas joined the Board in 2015. Although new to the EL ARCA board, Mr. Villegas is a longtime supporter of EL ARCA and donated the furniture and fixtures for the EL ARCA thrift store.

Mr. John M. Menchaca

President and CEO of EL ARCA

John M. Menchaca has been the President/CEO of EL ARCA since 2008 and oversees over 60+ employees and 4 service programs. He has dedicated more than 20 years of his professional life to helping persons with developmental disabilities. Mr. Menchaca grew up in Lincoln Heights and attended East Los Angeles Community College. He has a B.A. from Cal State Los Angeles and completed a Master in Public Administration from La Verne University.

Mr. Menchaca’ s tenure at EL ARCA started as an instructor in the classrooms. He was then promoted to program director of the Adult Day Programs. Within a few years, when the Vice-Presidency position was created, EL ARCA management knew that John Menchaca had the will and dedication to take on that position. Mr. Menchaca believes in empowering the employees and seeks feedback as well as ideas.

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EL ARCA serves

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42 zip codes

all around the Los Angeles area.


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